Certified MOA

The quality label for creations made by Black and African people for more Equity, more Originality and more Transparency

For Black and African entrepreneurs, a quality label for more visibility, protection and traceability of your creations.

For Non-Black and African Entrepreneurs a vehicle for action for more equity and inclusive participation.

An appeal for all of us to reject all post-colonial and discriminatory rhetoric and all exoticizing visual language.

MOA labels for more visibility. More transparency. More originality.

MOA Certified
MOA BlackOwned and African Entrepreneur

The quality label for African and Black people, regardless of where they live and where the value creation of their products took place.

MOA Made In Africa
MOA Made In Africa

The quality label for products and creations that have been made entirely in an African country.

MOA Certified Ingredients
MOA Ingredients

The quality label for non-African and Black people who use MOA Certified ingredients in their finished products.



After successfully completing a 12-month test pilot phase, the certification will be open to all interested companies from June 15. Further information will follow

The MOA impact of our labels for you

As a Non-Black and African Entrepreneur

With MOA Certified you get certified ingredients and show your support for Black and African raw material producers.

As a Black and African Entrepreneur
MOA Certified

MOA Certified provides you as an entrepreneur and your creations and products with more visibility and protects the originality of your work.

As Consumer

MOA Certified creates awareness for existing Black and African innovations and offers you transparency through a simple and safe orientation tool.

As a partner retailer
MOA Certified

MOA Certified creates new opportunities for you to diversify your portfolio and show more commitment to equity.

For Investors and technical partners
MOA Investor

MOA Certified gives you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio and discover hidden champions.

Our latest news

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MOA Certified

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